Intenso come le tue emozioni.

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A noble history of

A noble history of Tuscany.

An authentic passion for all things crafted with excellence.

A heritage steeped in gestures and values.

Santoni is an historic Italian brand synonymous with family tradition, artisanal quality and passion. Values which, on their own, represent a great heritage. Values appreciated by all those who seek a truly genuine product.

The Italian Life Style of Santoni.

The passion and experience of Gabriello Santoni and his family grew over time alongside the fame of their creations. Founder Gabriello enjoyed a wide array of friendships with the most famous sports and entertainment celebrities in the mid-60s, which gave Santoni products legendary status during the times of Fellinian Dolce Vita. The artisanal care, together with a fervent innovative spirit, turned the Santoni family liqueurs into veritable symbols of Italian Lifestyle the world over.