Intenso come le tue emozioni.

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The unique allure
of Italian style.

The unique allure of Italian style.

Amaro Santoni, light and aromatic, a captivating and modern flavour.

Synonymous with leisure and good company.

Moderate in alcohol content, Amaro Santoni is a perfect companion at various times of day and night.
Its versatility makes it ideal to be enjoyed whenever and however you please.
Exquisite sipped in the peace and quiet of your home, wonderful shared with friends when out and about.

As intense as your emotions.

Amaro Santoni has a seductive flavour, one that inspires and brings forth new ideas. Every sip recalls a fascinating, elegant world. A harmonious dance of diverse flavours perfectly balanced.

Unique, just like its bottle.

The Amaro Santoni bottle stands out among all others. Graced with a strip of floral decoration that highlights its natural contents, its glamorous image echoes that of the world of fashion and beauty.